Water Analysis

In the course of our operation, water quality has been listed as our top priority.  Metro Lipa Water District (MLWD) chlorinates our water supply before distribution using electromagnetic dosing pumps that automatically injects and regulates the chlorine solution being fed to the supply.  Areas noted to have high iron content are treated using a two (2) stage iron filtration system.
To ensure quality of our water supply, MLWD conducts regular water sampling from sources and distribution lines throughout its service area.  Residual chlorine values from the distribution are monitored to ensure chlorination efficiency.  Bacteriological examination of water samples are done using the Multiple Tube Fermentation Technique ( MTFT) and Heterotrophic Plate Count (HPC) which are approved methods set by the Department of Health to determine water potability.
Physical and chemical characteristics of our water supply are also being monitored.  Among the parameters being tested are the following:
·        Turbidity                                  Nitrate                          Cadmium
·        Color                                       Sulfate                          Arsenic
·        pH                                           Iron
·        Total Dissolved Solids  Manganese
·        Chloride                                   Lead
Currently, parameters such as iron, manganese, cadmium and lead are analyzed using our new equipment called the flame atomic absorption spectrophotometer (FAAS).
As a DOH-accredited laboratory, water samples from private individuals, establishments, smaller water districts and waterworks are being accepted and tested for a minimal fee.